tensARC, specialists in tensile fabric architecture

tensARC applies fabric engineering to solar control, architectural structures, deployable structures and other technical requirements. Design processes are client-centred and managed by our engineering team, producing fully bespoke, high-performance solutions through an efficient and friendly collaboration. The results can be stunning or subtle, as driven by your needs.

In 2002, tensARC’s first year in business, our website had this quotation from Einstein: “Everything should be as simple as possible, but not simpler.” For 20 years, we’ve taken that approach to create cost effective, high performance, innovate solutions. It drives all of our design and manufacturing decisions. We see time and time again that, while great design and the best materials may add 5% or 10% to costs, together they deliver significantly longer lasting, higher quality products. Because of this approach InShade, our most popular product to date, provides highly effective solar control at a mid-level price point and is backed with a 10 year warranty 

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Shading for an atrium in a commercial space calls for a process that’s efficient, thorough and flexible. Our design engineers create cost-effective sails with a precision, bespoke fit.


Home conservatories are special places which are enhanced by sail blinds. Bespoke sail blinds can target problem areas without sacrificing your connection to the outdoors.

Solar Control Fabric

tensARC’s R&D with solar control fabric produced a technology used in all our sail blind products. By configuring its composition to maximise reflection and diffusion, the sails reduce heat gain by over 70% while bathing your space in a soft natural light.

Glazed Facades

commercial building’s glazed facade is elevated by sails. Shade sails complement the simple beauty of modern features while ending glare.


Sail Blinds help to bath orangeries in the natural light for which they were designed, while controlling heat and glare. Our long-lasting sails come in a palette of neutrals and accents.


Our R&D for a reusable, fabric-based mask produced the facegaiter. Dust, allergens, and pathogens are stopped by the popular and convenient gaiter style, which maintains its high performance over hundreds of washes.

Roof Lights

Roof lights and roof lanterns in a commercial space provide interest but can also add glare and excess heat. Bespoke sails remove these issues and let soft natural light filter in, creating a comfortable, inviting space.

Roof Lanterns

Our bespoke sails crafted from the precise dimensions of a roof lantern or roof light cut excess heat and glare. This simple solution is delivered with a premium service to optimise natural light.

Deployable Structures

tensARC’s product development consultancy work includes grandstand technologies, including a motorized fabric roof and an innovative seating solution built for Olympic, World Cup and other international venues.

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