Sail blinds eliminate glare and cut excessive heat, for year-round comfort. They also create pleasant, dappled shading and a diffused light for a relaxing atmosphere.

Through our design process, we create a custom solution with made-to-measure sails to optimise the function and appearance of your conservatory.

Colour options include a range of neutrals and accent colours whose interactions with light we understand fully so we can ensure your space looks its best when the sails are up and installed.

We work with you to determine the amount of coverage that suits the requirements of your space and the way you use it.

20 years of experience go into each bespoke solution. We provide a free design service so that we fully understand your needs as you consider your options. In this way we ensure we create a beautiful solution tailored to your conservatory.


A key advantage of sails is that they are wholly different from blinds made for windows: sail technology is made to defy gravity. Their simple form belies the tensile fabric engineering that keeps them taut and produces the elegant look.

InShade is a true alternative to other blinds, with no moving parts to fail. Sunlight damages plastic parts in pleated, roller and pinoleum blinds, causing cords to degrade and break. InShade outperforms blind styles adapted from window solutions, because it is the only shade option made just for roofs.

InShade is our approach to sail blinds, involving both the physical sail and a holistic design service which tailors the solution to your conservatory, its dimensions and light conditions. The InShade design process centres on producing fully custom solutions. As a result, we can easily target problem areas for optimised solar control.

Cleaning is easy. InShade blinds unhook, wash in a domestic machine and go back up just as taut as before. Easy maintenance means an end to dust and dinge, or bugs and their residue.

Premium materials and exceptional design together produce a stunning solution that is backed by a 10 year warranty.

Case 1

Reducing excessive heat and glare

This modern Georgian Hipped uPVC Conservatory had solar control glass to reduce heat gain, which was only partially effective and which did not reduce glare at all. As a result the space was uncomfortable in summer.

The owner of the conservatory wanted to keep an open feel yet cut down on heat gain and end glare. They selected partial roof coverage, opting to leave the northern aspect of the roof uncovered for views of the sky. As can be seen, we overlapped the main sails to leave only small gaps between the sails, ending glare for anyone seated at the table during the day. The sails were made in ISX Ivory fabric to tie into the existing colour palette. The result is a high level of solar control, with diffused natural light to create a significantly cooler space in summer and a cosy space in winter.

This project was typical of our engagements. After an initial call with tensARC, the customer supplied photos and dimensions of the conservatory. We assessed the requirements and built a computer model. Next, we held a design consultation to tailor the design. The final design was then agreed. A sail solution such as this takes typically less than two hours to survey and a similar time to install. While some customers self-install, the design, sail survey, manufacture and installation were all completed by tensARC.

Case 2

Creating a relaxed garden room

Our customer’s timber framed Victorian conservatory had a clear glass roof creating a light, open feel with amazing views of the sky. Its roof vents and side windows were providing great ventilation for this sunny South-facing conservatory. It was used mainly as a garden room: a casual living space to relax in, observe nature and soak in the view. However, there was no shade, so the space got uncomfortably hot and suffered from glare all day long.

Because there was good ventilation, we could moderate heat with a more open sail design for expansive views of the sky. The sails connect at common points to form a simpler layout with 65% coverage. The sails work together with the roof vents to maintain a comfortable temperature even on the sunniest of days. In the photo, the sky is overcast but the conservatory still remains light and bright. To add interest and further reduce the direct light from the southern aspect, an accent triangle closed much of the gap between the two front white sails.

The design and manufacture were completed by tensARC, while the customer did the survey and installation. A sail solution such as this would take on average two to three hours to survey and a similar time to install.

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