To be fully effective, solar control fabric must perform all day everyday under very different conditions. We use our 20 years in fabric design and engineering to support our partners, including architects, facilities managers and designers, seeking to source a premium solar control fabric to meet their requirements.

A solar control fabric should reflect solar energy; it should be lightweight and absorb minimal heat; and it should be able to fully diffuse all transmitted light and allow maximum light transmission without glare. tensARC’s engineers developed the ISX stretch fabric to provide a simple, cost effective, robust and lasting solution especially for the harsh solar conditions generated by glazed roofs and façades.

Ending glare and reducing heat should not compromise the benefits of natural light. Compared to standard blind fabrics our ISX fabric allows three to four times the amount of natural light to filter through the fabric, keeping your space light and airy. Specifying ISX fabric means sails transmit much more light than pleated, roller and pinoleum roof blinds while still significantly reducing heat gain and eliminating glare. Heat absorption, a major source of re-radiated heat with conventional blind fabrics, can be as low as 7% for ISX.
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ISX is the only stretch fabric made from 100% polyester. The 3D structure and shape memory remove the need for elastane yarns which are easily damaged by the sun. The fabric’s unique mechanical structure reduces heat build-up by up to 72%, whilst eliminating glare and allowing high levels of natural light to diffuse through.

In winter, sail blinds made from ISX reflect heat from radiant heating sources to reduce heating costs and create a cosy space.

Every batch of our ISX fabric is tested to BS EN ISO 105-B02 light fastness Grade 6 – which is double the requirement. All of our ISX sails are backed by a 10 year warranty.

ISX-FR is our inherently fire-retardant version of ISX, made from 100% Trevira CS polyester. Being inherently fire retardant means this performance is maintained over the life of the product, after repeated washing and without any need for treatment. The ISX-FR fabric is tested to BS 5867-2:2008 Type B performance for curtains and drapes.

The ISX and ISX-FR fabrics can be machine washed in a standard domestic machine, so, products fabricated from ISX become a convenient and durable solution.

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Quality control

As part of our quality control systems, we independently test every batch of fabric in a UKAS accredited laboratory to check its colour fastness to light at grade 6 (double the required level for window blinds). We test the IFR (Inherently Fire Retardant) performance of every batch of ISX-FR fabric to make sure every sail blind meets safety performance requirements. We can also provide test certificates linked to the specific tests carried out on the fabric in your sails.  

Additional internal quality control includes: 

  1. For each fabric batch: confirming the stretch performance is maintained within tight limits. 
  2. For each cutting file: checking the tolerance of our laser cutting process.  
  3. For each cut piece: inspecting each piece on a light table to ensure there are no fabric or manufacturing flaws and that the light diffuses through the fabric in a uniform way. 
  4. For each sail: full inspection on a light table to verify manufacturing quality and cleanliness.  

All of the material and inspection records are logged against the unique ID tag etched into the sail to ensure your sail's history is fully traceable during the life of the product. 

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When sustainability is a key objective of the project, ISX can be an especially useful option for architects, designers or building managers.   

Every space is unique in size, sun issues and design requirements.  These are factors we consider when creating a shade solution and seeking to optimise energy efficiency using ISX fabric.  

Energy efficiency: Adding ISX to the energy efficiency efforts of a building or complex is a viable means towards meeting targets. ISX reflects up to 72% of the sun’s heat, cutting the heat gain to buildings, and significantly reducing cooling costs.  In winter the fabric reflects up to 72% of the energy from underfloor heating or other radiant heat sources to reduce heating costs. In addition 20% diffused natural light transmission removes any need for artificial lighting during most days – improving light quality and further reducing energy consumption. 

Adaptation: Many of our sail solutions are adaptable – allowing sails to be re-positioned, or the degree of coverage increased or reduced as requirements change, e.g., following a change of use for the space.  

Recycling: ISX fabric is fully recyclable.  At the end of life, if there are limited options for reuse then disposal options include recycling, which is straight forward given its single yarn composition.   

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Working with colour and ISX fabric

Our fabric comes in a range of colours to suit any décor. The selected colour affects the performance of the sail and changes the mood of the light within the space.  We understand how each hue behaves under different light intensities, so we can work with you to determine the most suitable colour for your application. 

We start by considering how you want to use the space and what light levels are best for these activities. Second, we consider the variations in light throughout the day, and at different times of the year.  A building’s aspect will also influence the intensity of light, and, along with décor, can affect which colours work best.

Finally, if you want or need a darker colour then we assess the solar performance requirements to see if a duplex fabric is required. Duplex fabrics maintain exceptional solar performance by having colour added only to the side you see, leaving the side facing the sun still highly reflective. 

If you are looking for a colour we don’t have then we have a colour match service that can create a roll of fabric specifically for you in almost any colour imaginable. 

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