InShade’s simple, elegant shapes are ageless yet bring newness, depth and texture. Our customers have used our sails to transform underutilised spaces or add a subtle refresh to their home. They have become a popular option for orangery designers as well.

We carry neutral and accent hues that suit any décor. Bespoke colours are also available using our Colour-Match option. We use marine grade, stainless steel fittings that will last a lifetime.

Consultations are free, so ideas can flow. We continue our exceptional service throughout the design, measure and installation process. Premium materials and precision work by our in-house engineers ensure your bespoke sails are in keeping with home aesthetics, with a perfect fit guarantee.

Roof blinds enhance any space. Bring your ideas to our design engineers who combine form and function to end glare and enhance orangeries of all shapes and styles.
roof lights and roof lanterns shades
roof lights and roof lanterns shades


InShade uses a patented sail technology to design elegant, effective and long-lasting solar shading.

All InShade sails are manufactured using our ISX fabric, which we engineered in-house to provide the best shade blind solution in every instance. Our fabric eliminates glare yet transmits three to four times as much natural light as traditional blinds.

An important advantage is that InShade is engineered specially for glazed roofs, unlike pleated, roller and pinoleum blinds which are adapted from window solutions. Our sails outperform traditional blinds, with the bonus of having no moving parts to fail and no more shades to put up and down.

The result is a roof blind alternative with effective coverage tailored to your space. Market-leading engineering ensures sails keep their colour, integrity and value over time.

We combine our technical expertise with a customer-centred design service and premium materials to produce a stunning solution. InShade has a 15-20 year expected life span and 10 year warranty.

Case 1

Reducing excessive glare

This customer needed to improve solar control in a new orangery meant to serve as the main living space in summer. The new orangery had a fully glazed roof and a single, large roof vent and faced West. The location had good sources of natural shading, from the two story house and mature trees. However, the high sun in summer beamed directly onto the roof making the orangery uncomfortably bright and unbearably hot during most of the afternoon.

The solution was a simple, eight-sail design. We suggested 50% overlap, which left small gaps along the edges and between the sails, creating plenty of shade dappled with small pools of light. Heat gain is largely controlled by the sails and residual heat is addressed by partially opening the roof vent. InShade sail blinds reduce heat gain by 70% on the sunniest days while still providing good light levels on overcast and winter days.

The initial survey and photos were provided by the customer. Design and manufacture was done by tensARC. Professional installation was carried out by a local blinds company in tensARC’s partner network. A full roof sail solution like this would typically take around two hours to survey and a similar time to install.
roof lights and roof lanterns shades
roof lights and roof lanterns shades

Case 2

An elegant solution for reducing excessive glare

The customer had a new orangery with an automated roof vent that required additional solar control. They wished to use the orangery as their main living space, year-round, but experienced heat gain and excess glare in the summer.

A key factor was the direction of the sun. The South-facing side required shade, while the North was less sunny but had a TV whose screen was affected by indirect glare from the South. tensARC designed the South side coverage and the customer decided to replicate the solution on the North side, for symmetry and privacy from a neighbour. The central section was left with open views of the sky. In winter the sails reflect radiant heat from the wood stove to save energy and create a cosy space.

The design began with three sails but expanded to five for added shade. The customer chose a 100% overlap across all sails, with a central triangle. Use of layering created an interesting and shifting effect of light, colour and shade.

The customer provided the initial survey and photos, and the final solution was developed via our free, live online design consultation. tensARC manufactured the sails and the customer installed them. A sail solution such as this would take on average one to two hours to survey and a similar time to install.

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